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The capacity to dream again, love again, and soar again is at the heart of what it means to truly live.

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The Promise of Pain

Seven best practices for pastoring Millennials and Gen Z through the pandemic.

8 Innovations to leading Millennials 

How Millennials can grow your church and change the world.



Leading Millennials

59% of Millennials have left the church. I spent 2 years studying ‘why’? I put my 8 major solutions in this beautifully designed 77 page full color guide.


I write this systematic analysis and set of solutions to pastoring Millennials not just as a practitioner and pastor, but as one of them. I write as a Millennial.


It is endorsed by leadership expert Dr Frank Damazio (The Making of a Leader) who has written the Foreword.






Benjamin Windle (GRADCERTMGT (QLD.UT), GRADCERTBUSADMIN (DEAKIN), MBA (DEAKIN)) is a pastor, author, and life strategist. 

His ‘Life Minute’ radio program brings 60 seconds of life skills to more than one million listeners on a daily basis. 

Benjamin is married to his high school sweetheart, Cindi, and in their early twenties they moved to the City of Roses—Portland, Oregon—where they worked at City Bible Church for Dr. Frank Damazio. 

In 2009, Benjamin and Cindi Windle returned to Australia to pioneer Lifeplace Church, which is now a thriving multi-campus community serving a diverse range of people. It’s an expression of his passion to give back to the community, help people in need, and inspire people to become all they were created to be.

Benjamin and Cindi now live in the hinterland region of the Gold Coast with their 3 sons and 2 dogs.




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