It's time to catch those pesky little foxes! 🦊

I'm excited to announce I've partnered with YouVersion to create a 5-day devotional. It’s called “Little Foxes: Charisma is easy. Character must be cultivated.” Charisma is easy. Character must be cultivated. 🦊

We often make a colossal error when it comes to what hurts us in life.

We assume it is the mega-storms, the catastrophes, the major crises.

Yet, what really destroys the vineyard of our lives are the little exceptions that we let into our character.

Using the metaphor from Song of Solomon of little foxes, this devotional takes you on a 5-day journey to build your character and integrity.

Oh yes, we are talking about the Song of Solomon, but wait – the original metaphor of what this book is about may surprise you!

The obvious layer of meaning is that this is a love story that captures the romance and affection of a man and a woman, but like all good songs, there is a hidden layer of meaning.

In this case, the hidden layer is crucial – the entire song is a metaphor of Christ and His bride – the church (which is us).

It’s a picture of the love, devotion, commitment we are to have towards Jesus and He to us.

Which brings us to this pesky little fox. I mean – why in the world would a love song talk about foxes destroying a vineyard?

Well, in case you have never been in a romantic relationship, allow me to enlighten you, after all, I’ve been married for almost 20 years and yes, you guessed it, most of the time the ‘problems’ are not BIG problems, they are little problems that are not properly dealt with.

We have no time to waste, so I am going to give you the big idea right now, and we will spend the next few days unpacking it: little foxes are the little exceptions that we let into our character that destroy our relationships, potential, and humanity.

This devotional will uncover the little foxes and help us catch these behaviours before they wreak havoc in our lives.

Each day has a ‘Crucial Question. The first one is this: What little foxes are in your life right now that you know you need to eradicate?

Click here to join me on a 5-day journey together and explore what it means to build Biblical character.

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