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The capacity to dream again, love again, and soar again is at the heart of what it means to truly live.
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The Promise of Pain

'Seven best practices for pastoring Millennials and Gen Z.'

For Millennials and Gen Z, this is the first culturally disruptive moment they have lived through. A culturally disruptive moment is where everything we take for granted about our everyday life is significantly changed. 

I want to distill all of this down to a thought: we have to be able to hold both pain and promise in our pastoring and leading. 

8 Innovations to leading Millennials 

'How Millennials can grow your church and change the world.'

A new generation is here, and they think, relate, and live differently than any other generation before them. 


By 2030, Millennials will represent 75% of the global workforce. Will they represent 75% of your church?


Millennials don’t want a ‘cool church’ where modern production is a thin veneer plastered over an old Boomer culture. They want something they can relate to.


This 11,000-word White Paper contains 8 Innovations to leading Millennials. It explains how Millennials can grow your church and change the world.

Marriage Goals

'8 simple rules for a healthier & happier marriage.'

We have designed an authentic and God-centred marriage course that is designed to be viewed by participants on their phone, in their own time. 


It can be used by individual marriages or as a church-wide course.


It discusses real challenges that people face in their relationships.


8 videos with practical ideas to help cultivate health in your marriage.







With his signature conversational tone, Benjamin creates transformative content that connects to people and moves them to depth and action.


His content has been featured on the Hillsong Leadership Network, Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, Barna Group, RightNow Media, YouVersion, and the Glorify App. His ‘Life Minute’ brings 60 seconds of life skills to an estimated audience of one million listeners.

Despite being a pastor’s kid, Benjamin was ready to walk away from his faith and church. At the age of 16, he made a game-changing decision – instead of criticising the state of the world, he would be part of the solution. 

That linchpin moment set Benjamin’s life on a path to passionately make a difference. In his early twenties, he moved from Australia to the City of Roses—Portland, Oregon—to serve in youth ministry in a large multi-site church. In 2009, he returned to Australia to pioneer Lifeplace Church. 

Benjamin’s entrepreneurial spark has helped him start and develop multiple businesses, gain a Master’s in Business Administration, and complete executive education at Stanford University and the MIT Sloan School of Management. 

Renowned as an innovative and empathetic speaker and writer, Benjamin combines his academic expertise with over two decades of grassroots Pastoral leadership. 

His work helping churches develop Generational Intelligence in reaching Millennials and Gen Z has grown into a range of resources, coaching, and speaking. 

A father, a husband, and a basketball fanatic, Benjamin is married to his high school sweetheart, Cindi. They have 3 sons and a Cavoodle named Romeo. 

A New Normal

Proven practices for real change, less anxiety, and more meaning.

  • Imagine a course on personal change that isn’t about resolutions or easy fixes that fail and go nowhere. This is a blueprint on who to become, not what to do.

  • This course will help you be more, rested, connected, present, focused, and fulfilled.

  • Learn the 7 pillars of health, and get practical life skills in your finances, marriage, mental health, friendships, and more!

  • Implement your personalised ‘Quadrant of Change’ activity for daily change.

  • Start to think in Days and Decades – a whole new approach to how you view your life.

  • Small Group Leaders PDF Guide included.




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